Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Land Between the Lakes

We got the camping itch again! And when we get that itch, we just have to scratch. On this trip we went to Land Between the Lakes for three days. It was just what the doctor ordered for a family consumed with paperwork, reading and the unstructured summer break.


We stayed on the Sweet Gum Loop of the Piney Campground.

We fished!

We swam.

We got to swing until our hearts were content.

Some of us misplaced our snacks :-)

We played cards.

We played with machetes.

We chased the wildlife!
Some of it (mainly the raccoons, who surprisingly love marshmallows)
had to chased away in the wee hours of the morning (more than once)!!

Caught baby frogs (with only one casualty). Some of us love hard.

Played with creepy crawly things! EWE!

We got as muddy as we wanted.

We fished some more.

And, we looked for the fish we were not catching!

More than one of us passed out from all the the exhausting fun we had!
(And, no the baby did not stay in the sun!)

We slept as late as we wanted...well, parents only slept as late as the first one awake.

Someone tried to pull an all-nighter one night!

But we started the days with this view!

And, we had coffee! What more did we need?

Kind of getting that itch again!!!

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