Monday, February 25, 2013


There is an artistic perpetrator among us! 

We have gathered the usual suspects.

And although we do not have an eye witness to the crime at hand, 
we are currently reviewing the evidence.

While the evidence is mounting against one culprit 
(who is currently shooting me with my hot glue gun), 
we feel as though formal charges are not necessary this time. 
Although our person of interest will remain under surveillance for an unspecified course!

Never a dull moment! :-)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Recently we took a family trip with our Cub Scout troop to Reelfoot Lake State Park. This was just one of the many outdoor adventures we have planned for this year. We hope to be more of an outdoor family, instead of an indoor one! We we were given an eagle tour, which fell in line perfectly with our homeschool science curriculum: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day! We have researched birds extensively this year. Things such as flight, wings, feathers, hollow bones, nest building, mating, calls, songs, and eggs have fascinated us for months. This excursion provided the kids with an opportunity to see many of the things they had studied. God is very explicit in His design of nature. There is such beauty and craftsmanship in His creation. I certainly enjoyed the change in atmosphere. The children loved enjoying the freedom of outdoors, which even included their first ride on a school bus! How exciting! Two birds, one stone! After returning back to the museum, the kids were fascinated by a video on the creation of Reelfoot Lake by a series of earthquakes in 1811 and 1812. We toured the museum and petted live snakes and OWLS!!!!! Yes, I said OWLS!! Be still my heart! Me and my tiny legacy actually got to pet a sweet, little owl! Then we headed to the park where we shared a picnic and hot chocolate with sweet friends to top the day off! While it does take two parents who are extremely on task to have such a successful outing, it is never free from its fair share of meltdowns, but is so very worth it! 

Trip #1 with a family of seven = success!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Six Months...a whole half a year!!

Our sweet Shy is six months old and has QUITE the personality!
Loves to watch and call to her siblings. Giggles for Daddy and rubs his beard.
Sitting up with assistance. This girl is on the move!! 
Determined to get where she wants to go. 
Not yet forward, but in reverse.

She is fifteen pounds and 24.5 inches long.  Exclusively nurses six times a day. 
Sleeps 7-9 hours each night. Puts her own paci in her mouth.
 Moves toys from one hand to another. Happily squeals with delight!
Petite and Perfect!

Still loving those little fingers!