Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bittersweet Birthday

I am forcing myself to write this post! I hate it as much as I love it. I hoped if I just did not think about it, this day might not come. Nonetheless it has come. I find myself wondering if I hated all of my children's first birthdays as much as I do this one. I hate that my baby is growing up! It is absolutely breaking my heart! I love to watch her give achieve new milestones! She is so proud of herself, and so are we! Shy is my girl. We have come a long way in this short, short year. She captured my heart this day, one tiny year ago this very day!  I love her, oh do I love her! 

Since last month she has cut her two top, front teeth. Those little buggers were tough on her. And, those little buggers are SHARP!! She is sleeping all night, most nights. She did wake me several night while cutting those new teeth. When she wakes in the morning, she is standing...sometimes jumping to greet me, always with a smile. She nurses five time a day and eats just about everything! she loves cottage cheese, tomatoes, cantaloupe, avocado, cheese She has been walking almost two weeks. She can now pick herself back up to a stand if she stumbles. She dances with the other kids. She still squeals with utter excitement if she catches your gaze! She points to things, nods and shakes her head when you are speaking to her. She does not know what the motions mean, but she likes to mimic us. No new words, but that would just be too much for me to process. To celebrate she got her first bite of cake. She waited a whole year and it was worth the wait! She loved it!!!

Happy Birthday, sweet Shy!!

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