Thursday, July 4, 2013


Yep, that is us! We are currently under a mountain of paperwork commonly referred to as the "paperchase" portion of our adoption process. Which is why I have nine blog posts unfinished, but currently in progress. I cannot seem to keep up with life because we have begun compiling our dossier (doss e ay), a LARGE group of documents that will be submitted to the Ethiopian government for their review and hopeful approval, in order to proceed in the adoption of children from their country. It can be a lengthy process, especially with the number of people in our family. We must submit birth certificates for each of us, a renewed copy of our marriage license, submit health exams for each of us, and show proof of every kind of insurance we have, just to name a few things. And, EVERYTHING must be notarized! We have to prove our intentions are pure and for these children. It is tedious, but I am very thankful for my type-A personality for if nothing else..."for such a time as this."

One aspect of the dossier is an approved home study, which we have also begun. More than one iron in the fire at once...making that nearly a million irons with all that encompasses our life. We have education hours to log, reading and video material to view, and responses to type. More long, arduous work. Each of these items are lengthy, but only a small price to bring our children home.THEY ARE WORTH IT!! I am not complaining, but informing and updating. Those of you who have a stake in these children's lives already, thank you for your support!

At the end of our home study and when our dossier is complete and ready to submit, we must also submit another payment for a group of fees. This one will be our most substantial so far. Therefore, in addition to being in the midst of our home study, compiling our dossier, we are also heavily in fundraising mode. We are confident that God is going to fully provide the funds. We have a lot of money to raise in a little time, mere months. No, we do not have any deadline to meet per se, but if we tarry, it means more hours in the orphanage, more hours without adequate food and healthcare; we waste precious moments of their lives. We have a number of ideas swirling to generate funds, so stay tuned! There may be an opportunity for YOU to be involved! And, please keep praying! Our specific needs right now are patience, encouragement, fundraising involvement, but most importantly God's guidance and provision. A part of our hearts are still in Africa!

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