Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

This Easter Sunday, we continued on with our tradition of waking before the sunrise and watching it rise together as we read the Resurrection account in the Bible together over mammoth muffins, fruit and juice. Again, we went to Leeper Park to witness the sunrise, where we were joined by others doing the same thing. What a beautiful picture of the new life we have in Christ and the hope of heaven to come. Last year we participated in "Forget the Frock", a campaign that encourages families to forgo the expensive Easter attire that is popular in our culture, but use that same money to purchase t-shirts that raise money for a cause that furthers the Gospel. We did not choose to do that again, since it was Lottie's first Easter with our family. We did want her to have the opportunity to take part in customs of America, even if many are frivolous. We then went to my Granny's house for lunch with family and the traditional egg hunts. It was a wonderful day to celebrate.

"He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay." Matthew 28:6



Thursday, March 10, 2016

Under the Willow


There is this place where the kids and I go some days. When the breeze is blowing just right under the willow tree, it will make the worst of days good. Just like Jehovah, who makes all things calm. 



Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bun in the Oven

Well, we have an announcement to make.

Nursery for Two

Our nursery now has two little ones! The nursery is the first room upstairs to be completed! We painted Lottie's Jenny Lind crib with the same Peachy Keen chalk paint that we painted the big girls furniture. Marcus found a pair of butterflies hidden amongst some rubble in our shed, during our adoption wait. I knew that they were meant to be in Lottie's room. How fitting that Nell gave our little butterfly some butterflies of her own. I spray painted them and her name, Qi (pronounced Chee) gold for a little girlie drama. We framed our puzzle that so many dear friends made possible through our final fundraiser to bring Lottie home. I bought fabric scraps from Hobby Lobby and made the embroidery hoops. I also got the paper lanterns and flower poms from Hobby Lobby. One of my best friends in the whole wide world, Jennifer, bought Lottie her very own look-alike doll, perfect with white hair and blue eyes. My sister bought Lottie the panda bear. Her bedding came from Land of Nod. And, we got the cutest pack of cartoon cards at the Tomb of the Terracotta Soldiers in Lottie's home province of Shaanxi. We framed two for her wall and her side is complete.
I added a little masculinity to Jude's side of the nursery. His got a coat of gray paint to accent the room. I found these cute (that's a masculine word, right?) birch tree, wall decals and cut them to size. I painted his bell cast in arrows that went along with the theme. I love our big tribe and this theme has my heart at the moment. I bought two wooden arrows, for our two little ones in the room, and the wooden letters from Hobby Lobby. I strung the letters on a strand of jute twine for the perfect name banner. I crafted his mobile from a piece of wood that Marcus bore out for me, fishing line and scrapbook paper, acorns and tiny pinecones. I bought his bedding from Etsy. I also stripped many layer of old paint away from my own dresser that was in my nursery as a baby and in my room growing up. It was white for many years. I sanded and stained it a nice walnut and added white knobs (again, Hobby Lobby) for contrast. I hung three floating box shelves. Inside one, I placed three white Asian dolls that we bought on our trip to China. They were beautiful and of course, reminded me of our little china doll. I placed a tea set that we bought Lottie in China from the Asian Market. In the last one I placed a gold fox, because he was cute. My grandmother gave me the mercury lamp as a gift for Christmas that I could not find a space for, until now! Our nursery is complete with out two little ones snug in their beds.
 Lottie's side
Jude's side
My refurbished dresser from my baby nursery.