Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Style

I should have labeled SAVE as one of my few resolutions in a January blog post. We kind of thought our resolve to live frugally deemed us successful in that aspect. Where I do believe we do very well in that area, we did not exactly envision ourselves in the midst of a very expensive adoption mid-year. If you have not tuned in lately, we are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia! It costs a pretty penny, but it nothing in comparison to the plight of these children at this very moment. As a result we are taking a number of additional measures to cut costs and save money. So...

...I got a new toy in the mail a few days ago! Actually two, a pair of hair trimmers and an edger. One more thing to add to the list of actions taken to save money. Calculating a haircut for each boy every 8 weeks and one for Dad every 6 weeks, each costing approximately $15 (we did the Wal-Mart $10 Tuesdays plus tip), that came to approximately $315 per year save. May not sound like much to you, but that calculates to 63 miles closer to our children in Ethiopia! Changes perspective for some of us. Now, I must admit I have been completely traumatized in the past after giving Eli a very bad haircut as a toddler. This has taken a great deal of courage on my part to even agree to attempt this feat. I know that hair grows back, but not immediately! Here we go!

Victim #1 before...

 ...and after!

Victim #2 before...

...and after!

That was enough hair to keep a small animal warm during the winter!

Now I still have some courage building to do before I attempt my husband's hair. He does have to appear professional in the business world. My kids just have to look cool...or so they think!

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