Friday, July 5, 2013

Bradley Birthing

While we are currently under a mass of paperwork for our adoption, I had a little more paperwork to work through this past month as well. For almost two years I have been in the progress of becoming affiliated with the Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth as a Bradley Childbirth Instructor. The Bradley Method is one of the many natural methods of childbirth. Yes, when I say natural I mean no drugs, no inductions (unless medical emergency), and as few interventions as possible to bring about the body's way of normal birthing. We do not hypnotize you or he-he-who breathe through labor, nothing weird.

I applied in July of 2011 and began my extensive, required readings. I attended the Bradley Instructor 3-Day Workshop in October of the same year. I learned a tremendous amount of information about the body's natural functions, nutrition, exercise and relaxation. When I came home, I continued my readings, outlining Dr. Robert Bradley's own book, entitled (what else) Husband Coached Childbirth. The entire thing, all 24 chapter, all 350 pages. Honestly, hated every minute of it! When all of the academic requirements were completed, sent in to the academy, and accepted, I began my provisional teaching requirements. I was required to teach three 12 week series. I just finished my third series in May of this year (2013). I have had the privilege of educating seven expectant couples, and I am currently in the midst of my fourth series with two more sweet couples. I received my final exam in the mail on May 23rd. This monster included nine sections, consisting of 74 discussion questions and 85 definitions that I answered from memory. I have never in all of my educational years had a test quite like this. One month (actually closer to two week because I did not touch the test until I had already had it two weeks) and 17 pages later, I WAS DONE!! I have put in a lot of hard work for which I am proud, seemingly endless hours of research, evaluation submission for every single class I have taught, and even conceived and birthed a child during this entire process. Yes, it was in fact a "Bradley" birth, my third to be exact. I believe in the method and it's teachings. It works because I have used them, verses the grin-and-bear-it method I used with my first two births.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I will transition into affiliate instructor! Waiting is so hard!!
If anyone is in the market for a Natural Childbirth Instructor or Doula...I might know a good one!

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