Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Out of Town Visitor

We had the privilege of housing a guest from out of town for a few days recently. Well, in all fairness, this guest was not from a different town, but a different habitat. He was heroically saved from the middle of the road and brought home as a new (semi and very temporary) member of the family.

Our turtle is a red-eared slider, the most popular species of pet turtle in the United States. In this picture you can see ever so slightly, a hint of his red dash around his ear, giving his species its name.

Sine he was semi-aquatic, He was ushered into a new home in the baby swimming pool. 
Our kids immediately put water in the pool in hopes to make him more comfortable.  

The kids were fascinated by home for the few days he stayed with us. They checked on him often, picking him up to study him a bit closer. They even brought him lettuce to eat. Although this turtle like plants, it is an omnivore which means it eats animals as well. Too bad we did not have any snails or crickets.

 After a short stay dad released him into more reptile friendly surroundings.
I love that our kids love nature.

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