Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jude: 5 months

Sweet Jude is 5months old! He has such a mild temperament. He loves to watch his brothers and sisters. They carry him everywhere and he never complains. He exclusively nurses 6-7 times a day. Was sleeping like a champ, but has decided that he would rather have a midnight snack.....EVERY NIGHT! Not a binkey baby, although he will take one if he is struggling at nap time. Smiley baby! Giggles a lot. Ticklish on his back, and legs, and underarms and EVERYWHERE! He can get where he wants to go....but, he does not exactly roll, not crawling yet....we think it is more to do with the Jedi mind trick than anything else. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Theme of 2015

I was recently encouraged to choose a word for the new year. This word would be the running theme of my year. I could choose any one I wanted. I thought. I prayed. I have it.

  •  accept or support willingly and enthusiastically
  • hold (someone) closely in one's arms, especially as a sign of affection

This will be good for me. I tend to be rigid and inflexible at times. More times than I like to admit. I veer toward legalism. This is much more pronounced in highly stressful times. I crave control. This is fear-based. Although, I need not fear.

Spirit lead...