Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eleven Months!!!

     We are on the final countdown. Shy is now eleven months old and that  does not seem possible. She is already planning her first birthday party. (Okay, maybe Mom is!) She can get around wherever she desires via crawling if she needs to get there quick, or cruising if she wants to show off and make us clap. She loves our praise! She continues to make various sound effects and mimics our sounds. She is quite puzzled with Dad's "elephant sound". She has added some new vocabulary...she says Eli! All of the other siblings are vying to be the next name she calls out. She waves hello and bye bye, but they are different. She waves her arm up and down for hello, and open and closes her fists (yes, both) for bye bye. She has grown very fond of her binkey and knows it by name. If I ask for it, she will sometimes give it to me. She also has a new game she loves to play. she will take and item (sometimes part of her dinner) and throw it on the floor and say "uh oh". She loves her bath, laughing and splashing nonstop. She is only waking once during the night around eleven or twelve. It will be bittersweet saying goodbye to our late night cuddle time. She has her two top teeth ready to come in any day. Her new favorite food is cottage cheese. She is super busy and getting much harder to photograph, having no time at all to pose for mom's camera today! 
And, she is still always a happy girl!



 She loves to play the drums with big spoons and pots from the cabinets.
 Being doted on for a moment!

Standing all by herself. She will be walking in no time!

"Bye Bye" She is so proud of herself. 
And it is perfectly fine with us that she is waving at herself!
Always a daredevil!

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