Tuesday, June 18, 2013

School's out for SUMMER!!!

Can you hear Alice Cooper singing the lyrics to one of his most favorite songs? I did for what seemed like 3.7 seconds. School has officially been out for a few weeks at our house. The kids have worked very hard completing our curriculum and compiling our notebooks. We enjoy reviewing as we glace back at our accomplishments this year. We will lay Flying Creatures of the Fifth day to rest, or realistically NOT! they have already taken note of the family of mocking birds that are constantly dive-bombing Lila and Blackberry, our cat and neighbor's cat respectively. They have a cup nest built in the eaves of an empty house across the street with newly hatched babies. Abe has already been stung by a flying insect, either wasp or bee. I could not tell since there was no stinger remaining, so it was likely a wasp. They will not likely forget much about the flying creatures that are sure to surround us this season. History was our bulkiest notebook. The kids treasure their crafts and projects, so we stuff what we can in a 3 inch 3-ring binder. It is filled with maps, crafts and photos of the many activities that they enjoyed this year. We are leaving behind the knights, samurai warriors, the renaissance and the many battles for control of the world, in the Middle Ages. We will pick up with Early Modern Times in the Fall. Eli finished Gamma, which included his times tables, factoring and the ever frustrating multi-digit multiplication. And Mia finished Beta, her multiple digit addition and subtraction, measurements and gauges. We plan to read a lot over the summer, since both kids are enthralled with the Boxcar Children series. I am super proud of their accomplishments!!!

I certainly had high (and obviously unrealistic) hopes of catching up on my blog posts. Although,we have certainly been too busy having fun to blog about it. These past weeks have been filled with enough activity, popsicles and milestones to last an entire summer. We have swam (only sort of), rode bikes, played in the mud, danced, sang, picnicked, went to boy scout day camp and ball games, had a ballet recital, started cruising, built tents, and tried our best to stay up all night (well some of us are desperately trying to get a full night's sleep). Summer does not officially start for a few more days, but it is in full swing in our neighborhood.  But when the street light come on, another days is charted in the books. We wash off the remnants of the day and retire, until tomorrow!



Currently, I am pausing from my own final exam from Hades. I am at the final stage of my Bradley Childbirth Instructor certification. I have fulfilled all of my training, teaching and reporting requirements. I have seven sections, 75 discussion questions and 88 definitions to complete my final exam and become affiliated! I am close to the half way point with five days to go.

As I sit in my yard enjoying a Hershey dark chocolate bar, and reflect on another school year complete and the brink of summer before me, I am thankful. God has blessed me so!

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