Monday, June 10, 2013

10 Months!!!

Shy is now in double digits! She is ten months old today. She is crawling, pulling up and even cruising! She raises her hands above her head. She is so big! She has finally cut not one, but two teeth with in days of each other! Those are some sharp little boogers! She is becoming more vocal, knowing Mama and Dada, and adding the sometimes No no no no no, and bye, bye, bye, bye. Although, she does not always get the wave right. We catch her practicing, sometimes waving to "no no" and even Dada.  She still naps at least two times a day. On busier days, she has a harder time settling in at night. She nurses five times a day and wakes once or twice at night. She has a cheerful disposition most often, quite noticeable by those who know her. She still channels Gene Simmons on most days. :-)


I THINK we have mastered eating. She happily feeds herself, but does not care to be fed by anyone. She enjoys peas, beans, cantaloupe, potatoes, broccoli, cheese, eggs and bananas. She was not a fan of strawberries, but we will try again. It can take up to twelve tries before a child accepts a new food, I read. Try, try and try again!

Ten terrific months!

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