Thursday, June 20, 2013

Abe turns THREE!!!!!!!!

Three years ago, on Father's day our second son was born. Today he turned three! What a blessing he is! He has added an element of spunk to our family. He is 100% rough and tumble boy, living life with reckless abandon...well, he does have a wreck here and there, to be honest! He loves sword fighting, numbers, letters and music to name a few. You can always catch him singing a song! He has the ingredients of a type-A (from his mother); he knows every, single numbered track and title to our Toby Mac CD, with #5 being his favorite. And he certainly has healthy doses of fearless fighter (undoubtedly from his father); he will have a swimming noddle upside you head before you know what hit you! He is strong, loud, stubborn, boisterous, sweet, loving and so full of life! 

Our Abe!

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!

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  1. Can't believe he's 3! His personality sounds just like Gideon's. I'm sure they would get into loads of trouble.