Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ballet Recital 2013

Mia's big Recital day has come! What a festive ballet week we have had! We started with our Studio Rehearsal where we drop our student off at the door, no parents allowed inside. Then followed two days later with our Dress Rehearsal, which is full on performance, taking hours to get everyone comfortable with their places backstage, on stage and procedures for parent pick-up after the show. It took FOUR hours, complete with loss of power due to a thunderstorm! Luckily Daddy was on duty for that!  Our ballerina has been working hard every week for 10 months for her big day! It all came together Saturday, June 1st 2013 for the 48th Dance Recital for the Pat Brown School of Dance! This year's theme was "You Can Be...", which focused on career choices. We enjoy watching all of the classes (or as many as our small children will allow) perform their much practiced numbers. This year our family tried to play it smart by traveling in shifts. Mom, the ballerina (Mia) and the baby (Shy) went in the first phase, arriving 20 minutes before showtime, saving a handful of seats for our family, getting dressed backstage (with pictures, of course), and drop-off in the Miss America Room with the various classes. Shy and I took our seats and watched ALMOST the entire first act. We did have to take a lunch break for little toot. We then met our second phase, consisting of Dad, Abe, Eli, Eva and Nanny, at intermission! We again took our seats where Abe wiggled throughout the entire 2nd act, but enjoyed the show nonetheless. After letting the anticipation build for what seemed like eons, it was finally time for the "Jewelers" to take the stage. Mia's performance was #32 out of 38 performances!

Our little ballerina did such a great job!We are so proud of her hard work!

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