Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ball Player

This summer we had a ball player! Eva played for Sell's Service!!!!! We kept calling it t-ball to make her feel more sure of it. (It was actually coach-pitch, but they did use the tee after 5 pitches.) She is so unsure of herself. She needed a little self esteem pick-me-up. We asked her if she was interested, and she very nonchalantly said maybe. We signed her up, told her about it and she had a MELTDOWN! Guess it got real for her! As her practices began, she insisted that I accompany her on the field with her and stand with her as she batted. I wasn't the only parent out there. As her confidence grew , she no longer asked me to be on the field with her. She got her uniform jersey and was so excited to see her name on the back. This was a team decision, which gave us a discount and only ended up costing $3. During her first game, she asked me to stand with her at 2nd base. But after that, she never asked me again. She gained baseball skills for sure. She hit several balls pitched from her coach. She even hit her coach with the ball once. She thought that was totally cool! She learned to field well, caught the ball on occasion, and became more aggressive charging the ball along with the other kids. She went from rolling her eyes as we cheered her on when she got up to bat, to smiling and waving from the bases. She grew to love the game, refusing to call it t-ball, or even coach-pitch. It was BASEBALL! She laughed and joked with her teammates, even though she was only 1 of 2 girls on the team (Eva and Kellen). We are proud of her skill, sure, but we are proud of her confidence that has grown tremendously. She is no longer afraid to be in front of a crowd and she has something all her own. She still does not want to take ballet. I feel like it may be because it is her big sister's thing. She wants individuality. I can appreciate that. She says she misses playing with her team. We look forward to seeing what her interests and pursuits become with this newly found courage. We are so proud of our girl!!!

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