Saturday, July 26, 2014

Project West to East

This week we also began to move our belongings...transferring our life as we know into a new place.We are excited to close (with the bank and new owners-to-be of our old home) one chapter and open another. One of my sweetest friends called this weekend Project West to East. The Wests officially moved to the east side of Jackson....with the loving and gargantuan load of help from dear friends. These guys "don't play" when it comes to helping or being good to us!

 Loaded up!

 Good bye bedroom!

 Our last cleaning tuckered someone out!

 Good bye living room!
 This may be the only picture EVER of a vehicle in our garage!!

Last West family picture at Stone Spring Circle (sniff sniff)

 Unloaded! The storage areas are the dining and classrooms for now!

Quickly became a disaster!

 These are the sleeping arrangements until we get carpet laud upstairs. They LOVE it.

Now to get all of this UNPACKED!
This could take a while!

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! So awesome!! I want to come see your new home and see you too!! You are so blessed girl!