Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week #4 Restoration: Filling Nell's Cup

This is our last week of renovations before life begins in Nell. She is really beginning to transform and take the shape of a home.  She no longer just looks like a house. The potential that we knew was there, is slowly becoming a reality. I think I can live here...I think I can...I think I can. She is far from perfect, but she is different. The difference is obvious. After much deliberation, paint colors have been chosen. Paint has been applied to her once smoke filmed walls and now the has color. We chose fun names like Cozy Cottage, Swiss Coffee, Dark Ash and Sculptor's Clay. Cozy Cottage went in the dining room and kitchen. Swiss Coffee is everywhere, adorning all of our marvelous trim work. Dark Ash fills our bedroom ad Sculptor's Clay is basically everywhere else except the bathroom. We have laid beautiful tile flooring and have scrubbed and waxed our wood floors. New appliances have been delivered. Our utilities have been turned on....WE HAVE POWER AND WATER! The bathroom and kitchen is still under construction, but the essentials are there. We have a toilet, shower and sink. The tub will be there soon! He is getting a makeover of his own.

Did the paint colors strike you at all? They did me...just sitting here typing out the names of the paint colors...He speaks to me. Cozy Cottage represents Nell and this place we are making our home. Swiss Coffee....that was just God loving on me. If I have a cup of coffee, I am in my happy place. If coffee is a vice, this is mine. I love them smell, the taste...all of it. Now, you probably are asking yourself why we are painting trim the color of coffee. Well apparently in Switzerland, the like their coffee a little more "fru fru" than I do. Swiss Coffee is actually a shade of white. Probably more cream in their coffee than I like, but on our trim, its perfect. Sculptor's beautiful. I desire to be that clay in the hands of the greatest sculptor of all time. He can make anything out of little, if only we choose to be moldable. There lies the beauty...we have total freedom to choose. We can choose to be moldable. We can choose to listen. We can choose to be obedient. WE CAN CHOOSE HIM. He does not make us. We are not pre-programed robots. He gives us freewill, so that our choices are authentic. He is authentic. His love is real and He longs for the same from us. Our great big God wants to be loved too. But there is always a darkness within, while we wear this flesh. Our Dark Ash, which is only in a small area of our home, is much like the sin nature we will always carry while in this world. It is always present. It will continue to create unhealthy urges that we must resist. If we lose sight of that, we let our guards down and then a little becomes a lot very quickly. Let us resist those dark voices and let the large light within be the power behind our daily lives.It takes constant, deliberate attention to our spiritual lives, to allow the Holy Spirit to continue to transform our minds and actions. Be diligent! Be on guard! Oh my, I think we need a security system....we are now living in the "01"!!

 Living room painted!

Living room and classroom painted!!

Dining painted!!!!!

Kitchen paint

 Cabinets mid-transformation

Kitchen tile laid by Marcus.

Kitchen tile finished! (looks darker than it is)

My new kitchen sink!!!! I LOVE it!

  Bathroom tile laid by Tim and Marcus!

 New antique dresser...that will become our bathroom vanity!

 New bathroom sink

 Mortar....seen lots of it! 

New toilet and new subway tile

New shower and fixtures

Bedroom painted!

 Floors before mopping and waxing!!!

Floors after mopping! Better...

After waxing...the first time! :-)


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