Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Centri-Kids Camp

Yesterday we just let go of our first born, to his first trip to the first church camp for this family! Letting go is hard, isn't it? Or is it just me? My kind-hearted, eldest child is away from home for his first extended trip away from us! He has been on many an overnight trip to a friend's house or to Nanny's, but never this far away (4 hours away) for this many days (five days)! I have complete faith that the Lord will watch over him, protecting him and providing for all of his needs. We allowed Eli to take a trip with our church to Centri-Kids Camp in Lebanon, TN at Cumberland University. He has a jam-packed, fun-filled week ahead of him....I did go over his itinerary for the week SEVERAL times. I know he will be blessed. The house is a little more quiet without him (although, he isn't a loud child) and the dynamic of the family is different without our oldest. We sure miss our boy!

He did call as soon as he got there, via the youth minister's phone! He was excited about his room. He has let his bunk mate choose the bed he wanted first! Love and miss my boy!! I can't wait to hear all about his week...IF FRIDAY EVER GETS HERE!

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