Friday, June 20, 2014

Abe turns 4!!!!!!!

Our little Father's Day baby boy turned 4 years old! He is full of life, living at full throttle all day every day, until he crashes at night. With a well-known stubborn streak, he keeps everyone on their toes. He loves music, trying to be dj in the truck when we take a trip ANYWHERE. He sings everywhere and has a unique capacity to memorize song lyrics! He also loves numbers and letters, creating them from Legos, pipe-cleaners, play-doh, clay and most any other object he gets his hands on. He has the sweetest, tender heart as well. Just when you think he might clock you one good time, he leans in for a hug or a sugar. He has recently warmed up to Molly, as we have seen him carrying her around lovingly. He is a ball of energy and just what we need! God knows what he is doing when he sends a particular child to a family. He is our littlest man and we love him dearly!!!

 Happy Birthday, Abe-E-Doodle!

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