Sunday, June 1, 2014

12 YEARS!!!!!!

Do I ever wish my days were as fabulous as this one? Well, thanks to my husband, they almost all are! Has it really been 12 years since this all happened? Since we established this West family? Seems like yesterday in a a sense, and like an outer body experience too. Who are these kids? My love for this man has grown by leaps and bounds through these wonderful years. Had you told that on this day, I would have said it was not possible. What a love we share! There is no other like it! There is no other man like this one and I am so glad he is mine!

Today in celebration of our day, we mowed, painted, pressure washed, did laundry, one of us taught Bradley class and one of us led recreation time at VBS! Sounds romantic doesn't it? My heart is so full, I could have been doing anything beside him and loved it. In honor of our anniversary, he wore this shirt that he wore to the luau we attended in Hawaii. Only the 2nd time ever, I think. Handsome, I tell you! Still can't believe he chose me!


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