Sunday, August 18, 2013

The week that will go down in infamy...

Have you ever had that kind of week? A week that you cannot even put into words? One of those weeks that you will look back on in ten years, laughingly no doubt, and say "Remember the time..." Only this time it will sound more like "Remember that one week we survived that...." We just had one of those! We are just coming up for air after a killer-typhoon-of-a-week! We have been on the go nonstop, organizing several events, accepting disaster and at some points, if I can be real, not even wanting to speak to one another. It got ugly. I finished out my latest Bradley series and got notice that I PASSED my final exam! I met with the AWANA RoadShow at our church, while Marcus and a good friend went to pick up two loads of stuff for the second night that week.We had the world's largest yard sale. Not really, but it felt like it! Got rained out on day #2. That is a whole different post that is COMING SOON!!! The same day we had the yard sale, Marcus left the house to simply run errands and for all intensive purposes, totaled his car when it overheated. The temperature light came on. He pulled over and waited a few minutes. Then only being less than an eighth of a mile from our church, he proceeds to continue to his destination where he could look the problem over and try to take care of it. FAIL! After cranking the engine, he made it another 40 feet and BOOM goes the dynamite (I know you have seen that YouTube video!) He ended up having it towed to a shop, who later in the week, quoted our two fix-it options at $5900 and $3700. Marcus mentioned our dilemma to another friend who was dropping by donations for our next fundraiser. He says "Wow, that's going to take all the money you raised at your yard sale!" To which my husband replies "No, that's not what that money is for and that wouldn't be ethical." So proud of him. Did not even miss a beat. After much prayer and thought, we just had it towed home. Our Pastor, who is one of the most generous men I know, offered his truck to us " long as needed." That is exactly what he said, so if we need it for life, we are good, right? My brother-in-law, a mechanic for the Lauderdale County School System, and a co-worker are graciously coming to pick it up and take a look to assess the damage and tell us what he thinks needs to happen. And, they have homemade meatball subs waiting on them!

I say all of this to testify to God's grace. The entire time we were, and still are to an extent, in the midst of such disaster, God's faithfulness shined through. He kept sending his faithful servants with donations. He kept sending his servants to be his hands and feet to help us. Satan obviously seeks to slow us down in this adoption process. He took our car, but cannot slow us down. We continued on with our two scheduled personal interviews with our social worker. We kept both doctor appointments for our physicals for our dossier. We did postpone one of our yard sales by one week, but we are not stopping. As we keep our eyes on Him, we will not sink. He brings along just the right person at just the right time. He is faithful. 
"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and these things will be added unto you." - Matthew 6:33

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