Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's Shy's party...

We did FINALLY get around to throwing Shy her first birthday party. We invited a few close friends and family. Our family is quickly outgrowing the huge party scene. Did I already mention that? Deja vu! We penciled the party onto the calendar, the day after one of our successful fundraiser yard sales. This was one pooped Mama after this weekend was over.

I tell you, I can decide to do some of the craziest things on a whim and at probably some of the most inappropriate times (can anyone say Nesting Kitchen??). I took on my first real birthday cake baking and decorating. My Type-A, perfectionist mind was put to the test. For me, the babies' first cake is special, heck who am I kidding? So far they have all been special. I think with the limited time I had to train (thank you YouTube) and prepare (Sunday morning while the rest of the family was attending church) it turned out decent for an amateur. 

She got to play with her besties, Millie Kay and Cooper. 

She opened a few gracious gifts, 

ate her very own smash cake, had an overstimulated meltdown and crashed before the party ended. I call that success!!! 

We love you, sweet Shy!

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