Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nathan Bedford/Johnsonville State Parks

Our family took one last opportunity to go camp while the fall weather still cooperated. It was very pleasant during the day and our sleeping bags kept us warm from the chilly night. We love to get away from our busy lives (which have become super consumed with Nell, home school and life in general. We love the outdoors and want to instill that same love in our children. With such a media driven world, we have to be very intentional with the family activities that we choose. We have such fun and lively conversations around a campfire. and, we get to teach our children to "rough" it a bit. We cook everything (that needs cooking) over the fire. No need for plates!! We listen to the sound of wildlife rustling in the woods around us. It is so good to get away! This trip included two parks in one. We camped at Nathan Bedford Forest State Park. We basically had the entire park to ourselves. It was only us and an RV in the entire park. Freedom and serenity simultaneously.

It would not be a camping trip without some type of critter.

We had to get a picture to remember a quick trip through Eva, TN!!!

After packing up camp, we traveled about 45 minutes to Johnsonville State Park. They were having some Civil War activities this weekend. We have studied the Civil War in history at the beginning of our school, so this was perfect timing for us. We visited the sights that were home to the Union military supply base at Johnsonville. We toured the camp, learned what meals were like, what soldiers carried, toured their bunks and even listen to an authentic letter written by a Union soldier. This is where one of the many raids on Union camps occurred, by the Confederate army under the leadership of Nathan Bedford Forest.

The kids were able to decorate a hiking stick just after a picnic lunch. Each took their appropriately sized stick on our hike to end the afternoon.

The scenery was brilliant.

Memories made.

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