Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall First



Life in Nell has brought more ground, more trees and more responsibility. We are beginning a new tradition with our new home. We have deemed the first weekend in November, fall clean up day. We have tons of leaves from the many trees. Raking is new for our little ones, and our big ones for that matter. Each person is given a section of yard to rake (some larger than others) and a big pile of leaves to create. They are proud of their contribution. We are proud of their developing work ethic. We believe hard work is important. But, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Our task would not be complete with taking turns diving in the huge piles. Laughter is such good medicine for the heart. Then we resume until the job is done, completing as the day ends. As all of the piles are loaded into Dad's truck, few by few, and the yard is cleared, they are taken to one big massive pile in the middle of the lower ground.

Our treat after a long day of needed yard work, is lighting the huge pile on fire and watching it burn. We love a good fire, complete with smores!!! The children dance around and we are warm, contented with our day. We love taking care of our Big Nell.

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