Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jude: 3 Months

Jude is three months old! Our big boy Jude weighs over 17lbs now...maybe even 18 at this point. We took him to the pediatrician two weeks ago to treat a stubborn case of thrush. He weighed in at 17 lbs 8 oz!!!!! His 3-6 month clothes (that he has been wearing for a month now) are becoming capris on him. He was proportionately off of the growth charts in all areas (weight, length, and head circumference). He is sleeping a 5-6 hours stretch at night now! I feel renewed!! He exclusively nurses 7-8 times each day. He smiles at Mom, Dad and all of his siblings. He has discovered his fingers, chewing on them 80% of the time. He still does not love the binkey, but on occasions when he is tired and overstimulated, he will take it to fall asleep, then lets it go. He does not love his daily tummy time, but is holding his head up very well at this point. He is such a good baby with a very pleasant disposition. Big fan of meal time, though. Bet you would not have guessed that one, huh! He goes by the following monikers: Joodle Doodle, our dude Jude, Judah Man, Chubby Checker, Biggie Smalls...and yes, even occasionally Notorious B-I-G!Had to keep it real, yo!


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