Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Lady: 18 months

Seems like she grew up over night. I know, I know....she is still our baby! She is becoming more and more independent, needing me less and less. She is on to the world of discovery! She is in the midst of a vocabulary EXPLOSION! She breaks out a new word almost daily, that I did not know she knew. If I do not pay attention quick enough to her whines and grunts, she will tell me exactly what she is wanting. Her newest word was bubbles. I was running water to wash dishes and she could see the dishwater bubbling. She wanted a handful of bubbles! "Whine, Whine, grunt, grunt....BUBBLES!" It certainly got my attention! She says all of her sibling's names, Lila (We are working on Molly.), mine, no, yeah, nose, mouth, ear, toes, baby, go, hi, hot, out, in, shoe, boo, "beela" (belly), pea-pie, bye-bye, night-night, amen, snack, cookie, cracker, "beena" (banana), "ont in" (want in), "ont up" (wants up), "I got it." "Get down, Lila."She still has 10 teeth. She has the spunkiest personality thus far. Not a morning person! Gives us a mean face to show us she means business, but we are mostly greeted with the biggest smile! She is stubborn about some things (Hates to sit down in her high chair!). Loves shoes and wears everyone's! Loves to eat! Plays pat-a-cake and chase. Likes to put away the silverware from the dishwasher while the "bigs" help with chores. Likes to explore...mainly inside cabinets. LOVES the outdoors! Rubs her nose with the tip of her bear's hat (comfort measure), each night I lay her in her crib. Still has her binky. Such a funny girl! Wild haired and will not be coaxed into wearing a bow or barrette.

 mouth, mouth, mouth (we have to say it 3 times)
 pretty hair

Love her to pieces! She is so much fun!

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