Friday, February 14, 2014


We asked and we asked "Eva, what do you want for your birthday?" She never could decide. This is our slightly, eccentric child. any other child would give us a list a mile long of wants and desires as far as birthday gifts. We asked for weeks, as we have been trying to plan her birthday party (which we still have not gotten nailed down). She never knew what she wanted. So, we decided to surprise Eva with a gift picked out especially for her. I took a little convincing, and I still cannot believe that I was the one who came up with this idea. It was all too perfect for Eva!We gladly introduce our newest addition to our family....Molly Ann West (name chosen spontaneously and with out the planned coaching I had practiced, by Eva herself). she is a welcomed addition. She is very fun-loving, feisty, laid-back and sweet kitten. Eva is smitten as are most all of us.

While Lila (our Queen kitty) was not a fan at all, in the beginning, staying hidden for weeks under the beds and on the top bunks of the kids' beds, she has since warmed up to Molly. They have fast become friends and sparring partners.

Welcome to the family, Molly!

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