Friday, January 31, 2014

Break from break

I have finally recovered from the longest four-week break from homeschool known to man! After shoveling heaping piles of structure back into our day, I am reflecting back on our time. Man did we have fun! Although, I have realized an important lesson....4 weeks without routine is disastrous for this family of 7! By the end of our break, I needed another break. I have been scraping together, tiny breaks here in there in hopes of a cumulative effect. I have also found that my children (I cannot speak for others) have an addictive personality where electronics are concerned. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. I wish I had a nickle for every time I heard "Can I play on the computer?" "Can we watch a movie?" "Dad, can I play on your phone?" ARGH!! Mom removed any and all child-friendly apps from her phone! Although the pessimist in me seems to have emerged a bit, it was not nearly all bad. It was lovely for all to sleep late, stay in our jammies until noon and look at learning with a different attitude. We watched Christmas movies with big bowls of popcorn. The little ladies learned a lot about cooking, not only from me, but from Dad as well. I consider Dad the baker of the family. He has an admittedly strong sweet tooth! As Christmas neared and passed we made homemade ornaments, finished out our Advent devotions and began new ones, made gifts for loved ones, and enjoyed some gifts of our own. Christmas brought princesses, LEGOs, books, and action heroes! We are tremendously blessed! In keeping in our simplistic fashion, we tried to limit travel and enjoy time together. It is certainly refreshing to pause from normal hustle and bustle of daily life (we are certainly hustlers over here) and enjoy some down time. And, by down time, I mean singing, dancing, comic relief, art, cooking, make-believe, glow sticks in bed and plenty of smiles and giggles. Here are the highlights of our break!  


Christmas 2014

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