Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow Day

We have snow!!!! We also have a huge, thick blanket of ice underneath the glorious white stuff. This called for a SNOW DAY! Although, while the school system had most of the week off, we took one full day and lightened the load for the rest of the week. My Type-A personality is in less control these days and I am allowing myself to have a more relaxed attitude....about some stuff.  The kids stayed outside the majority of the day with the neighborhood friends, trickling in randomly to warn ice-cold fingers and toes. They worked up quite the appetite from snowball wars, snow angle making, and attempts at snowman building. The gang decided to break for lunch and some delicious snow cream!What a fun day! I even ventured out for some of the excitement. Then I got caught up on chores and blogging, you know...the important stuff. It was a wonderful day! Just what I needed this Monday to be.  

 some of the neighborhood gang

 ice coated playground
 our wintry home
 ice coated tree
 Inches of ice beneath a blanket of snow
Warming cold toes
Making a sweet treat

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