Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

This might have been the most perfect "Halloween" ever! What did we do that was sooooooo wonderful? We stayed in! It was so much fun not to hurriedly stuff our faces, rush around getting in costume, bustling from door to door, while one of us follows in the vehicle, usually freezing or sopping wet from rain. We had a cozy night in with the family. Peace trumps candy any day in my day. We had a fun-filled night that the kids enjoyed more than trekking out in the night. would not want one of the kids did not First they carved a pumpkin with daddy. Dad always picks out THE pumpkin the the pumpkin patch each year. We call it his, but He calls it ours! He chooses this pumpkin so that he can enjoy time with the kids, making memories they will hold dear one day. We hope so! They gutted the pumpkin and helped choose the design. Once it is drawn on the pumpkin, dad does most of the carving, although he does let the kids in on the action.

 This year, Dad got to use his Father's day gift from the kids.....his Dremel.

Can you guess the character that our kids chose this year? Yes, the web-slinger, himself!

The kids got to veg out on the world's largest Rice Crispy Treat, snuggled up warm in their jammies, watching a favorite classic. Dad and I roasted pumpkin seeds, another West tradition, which were devoured in two days! This year the kids got their first experience giving out candy, which they totally loved!

Although we did not run the neighborhoods this Halloween, the kids did enjoy dressing in costumes and receiving their fair share of candy. Our church, Hillcrest Baptist Church, help it's annual Trunk or Treat this year. There were approximately 20 stations for game-playing and treat receiving. We served an estimated 500+ parents and children.

 Holding true to my Type-Aness, the kids had a theme...Super Mario Brothers!

 Mario and Luigi (although Luigi had a hard time dealing with the fact that he was not Mario, since he was the oldest. But, we had the Luigi costume already and the only Mario costume available was in the smaller size.) He may be a Type-A in the making.
While they look like Belle and Barbie, they are Princesses Peach and Daisy.

 Here is out little Hoot Owl!

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