Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tiny Dancer

We got the awesome treat to catch a sneak peek of our biggest girl in action! Each year at Pat Brown School of Dance we always look forward to the two opportunities to watch our ballerina dance during one of her practices. Normally practices are closed so that the dancers can focus on proper form and technique without the distraction of watching parents. She has grown in tremendously in grace and elegance through her dancing. I love to see the continuing transformation as my little girl becomes more and more a true dancer. 

The plie` is very very LEAST favorite exercise.

 Mia has grown close to yet another teacher at her school, although she longs to dance under her favorite teacher, Ms. Kim again. 

She is very diligent with her formation and placement of her hands and feet. She concentrates very hard due to the depth of skill required by ballet. I am so proud that she Fortunately class is filled with its fun, exuberant moments as well. 

Although, recently she has expressed a growing interest in gymnastics. Alas she cannot do both. I do not want to be a mother who pressures my children to do any particular thing. While it would grieve me to see her give up such a talent she has acquired and I will encourage her to continue, it is ultimately her decision. If her heart is not truly in it, no matter the depth of her skill, it is not worth it! I have enticed her with the hopes that a few more of her friends just may be in her class next year! Only time will tell. And, we do have at least one more recital of which to look forward. That always puts a smile on her face....and ours!

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