Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Winning Season

We enjoyed another wonderful soccer season this year. We had a group of young men filled with such talent that they carried the team to a 8-0 season!! Our best season ever!!! This year Eli advanced into the U-10 league. There were some changes we encountered as a part of this league. The teams played six-on-six, instead of four-on-four. There was more position play in this league as well. The coach assigned specific offense and defense positions, and this was our first season with a goalie. The boys showed much more aggression this year, instead of shying away from the ball.

We are blessed to have the same great (and really handsome) coach we have had for the last six season. It is an honor for Marcus to be able to work with these boys, teaching them the skills of soccer, along with camaraderie and team work. He can give a very powerful half-time speech, motivating a monumental comeback where the team started off a game being down 3 goals. By half time they had moved the score to 2-3, still not in our favor. Coach was able to boost morale and get the boys focused on team work and hustling. They were able to win the game, 7-6 in the end! In sacrificing his personal time to mold these young men, he was blessed by seeing their growth on the field and in their maturity levels. This season he implemented a new, team tradition...prayer. He understands his responsibility to be a godly role model, not only to our children, but to the team's children and even their parents. We are very thankful to the parents for entrusting their sons to his team.

We even had some great cheerleaders on the sidelines. Some cheered less and explored more.

And, there was no season complete with out a little unruliness! 

One of the greatest highlights of our season was that Eli was able to play with his best friends. There is nothing like experiencing the challenges of competition and celebrations of success with your friends. We are so blessed by them.

Marcus built such a rapport with the team this season that the boys began planning a celebratory "dumping of the gatorade" on the winning coach if they were able to complete the season undefeated. Coach was on to their scheme, but he was honored to let them indulge. As the team knelt to close the season in prayer, the boys were ready to let him have it! He even bought them a large Powerade and cupcakes to end the successful season. I think he knew he would be wearing it!

#1 Team Fall 2013 Wolves

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