Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Ballerina


We only get a few opportunities each year to watch our little ballerina in action: Parent Watch Week!!! Our ballet year begins each August, crescendoing throughout the year until we reach the finale; recital! These tiny dancers work very hard making sure each movement is made with grace. Whether their position is at Adage (rest), En L'air (in the air), or En Avant (in front), the ballerinas work very hard to place their arms and legs with precision and elegance. But, mostly they are just having a good time jumping, skipping and twirling! 

Our little ballerina loves the social aspect! God made this sanguine girl to be what many would call "a social butterfly. And, I should mention that she loves the snack machine? This girl can cough up $.50 out of nowhere!

Our dance classes are taken at The Pat Brown School of Dance opened its doors in 1963. Miss Pat received her training under the well known Jane Hart at the Hartford Conservatory. After spending some time in up state New York, Miss Pat relocated to Jackson, Tennessee. Her dance school is well known around West Tennessee, offering a variety of dance genres.This year our teacher is, none other than the Miss Pat Brown! Marcus and I have found a lot of humor in some of her critiquing of the class.She is quirky and boisterous, but she has an authentic love of the art and for these little girls!

Love our little ballerina!!!

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