Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eight months!!!!!!!

Eight is great!!!! Our little toot is eight months old! She is a busy girl, having finally figured out crawling forward. Now she can get anywhere she wants and get anyTHING she wants for that matter. In just a matter of days she mastered the front crawl, moving from a crawl to a sit and picks herself up from tummy lying to a crawl. She has skills!


 She has begun making the Dadadadadadada and Mamamamamama sounds! She is showing more personality these days. When she gets frustrated or tired, she will pull her tiny ponytail out! Apparently she is not much on accessories. Give it time! No teeth yet, but they must be on their way. Little bit chews on everything, STILL. Naps 2-3 times a day (when we can fit it in). She would much rather play and be loved on than sleep. This girl has managed to fit those cute little toes into her mouth. Nurses 6 times during the day.  Still waking at night to eat, two times! Next stop? Solid food! Mama has got to get some rest! Toodles is still the center of attention for her siblings and she would have it no other way! Their laughter makes my heart happy. Whatever moniker she is going by from day to day (toot, toodles, little bit, and even Skeeter), they are the mad ramblings of intense affection at our house! One would think as much thought and hard work we put into keeping a name pattern, we might use them more often. But, no! That is a little West quirkiness for you! There is much more where that came from. 

Happy eight months, sweet girl!! 

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