Monday, April 15, 2013

Soccer Season

Spring soccer season is in full force again! This is Eli's eighth season to play. He loves the game and we love that he does. For many of you it is not news that Eli has a condition called Coat's disease. The fact that his vision allows him the hand eye coordination to play to the level that he has progressed, is nothing short of a miracle in our eyes. Praises are lifted to our Lord that Coat's has not become a thorn for Eli.

Coat's is a very rare disease that causes premature breakdown of the blood vessels surrounding the back of the eye, specifically the area where the retina is located. These vessels begin leaking the serum portion of the blood into the eye, building pressure within the eye cavity. Coat's in its mildest form can be reversed, leaving very little damage. In its most severe stages can cause partial or complete detachment of the retina, vision loss, glaucoma and/or enucleation (loss of the eye). This disease has caused scar tissue to form in Eli's eye that is obstructing his central vision in his affected eye.


Corner kick



 Despite his condition, Eli has excelled at soccer. This season I have noticed him becoming more aggressive during the games. He is gaining confidence along with new skills. And a bonus for us...we can use the sport towards physical education credits in homeschool! We are very proud of him and his teammates.

 And, if truth be known, I have a bit of a crush on the coach!!



Isn't he dreamy?!  ;-)

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