Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Blog!

Hello 2013! One of my resolutions for the new year was to start my own blog.What's that? What do I have to blog about? Everything and nothing at all! This is not one of those how-to, self-help, DIY, I'm-so-creative-somebody-stop-me kind of blogs. This blog is for ME! Sound selfish? Well, really it isn't. As a busy mom, at times life can feel like someone pushed the fast forward button. Details get lost, kids grow up, memories get jumbled, the edges of life begin to smear as if you're moving at the speed of light. I have to admit that some days I wonder am I still me or have I become someone who is merely going through the motions of life, just trying to keep my head above water so that I don't drown in the abyss. I have to remain grounded and negate the world's pursuit for my despair. The great words of David Crowder ring in my ears often, "This place is trying to break my belief, but my faith is bigger than all I can see!" Some days I need redemption and some days, resurrection. I find them in Christ. That's who I am; that's who we are, my husband, my self, this family! And thus, Remaining West was born! You see, this West family has a mission, or better yet, a commission (Matt. 28: 19-20). What an unbelievable privilege it is to share how my Christ's saving grace is growing me and humbling me every day, every minute, every second. As I chronicle my life from the driver's seat, my hope is that I can capture the essence of who I am on this journey. Who I am is embedded in Christ, including the triumphs and failures that come along with it. Same goes for you. He will take you as you are, scars, skeletons, demons; all that you have hidden. You are His desire! That's right, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Perfection is an illusion; no one knows that better than I do! That's my thorn! There, I said it. Christ said that in this life there would be troubles (John 16:33) and my life is full of them! I wouldn't be candid nor transparent if I posted all the wonderful successes in my life and left out all of the marred attempts to "get it right", causing others to wonder why they don't measure up. So I am lighting my candle, placing it on a stand for the world to see, in hopes that you see Jesus somewhere!  


  1. I love you! You say all the things this non-articulate mom wants to say! I'm so glad you're my friend, buddy & sister in Christ! May this be your best year yet!

  2. Gonna love following you! I love your precious family! :)

  3. Oh sweetheart you are an amazing young woman that I'm proud to say is my daughter in law.