Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Big Girl School

Lottie started big girl school at Whitehall Pre-K Center. We applied in the fall, where we went in for several assessments to make sure Lottie qualified for the program and to see what services she would need. The assessment process was long, spanning over several days. Then there was a very long meeting with each representative that would be working with our daughter, to develop her IEP, or individual education plan. This is wonderful because Lottie's IEP is tailored specifically to her needs and meeting her own goals. They worked very closely with us, her parents, to develop a plan that made us all comfortable, even allowing us to send our daughter part time this year, to allow further bonding time with her family. Lottie gets hours of classroom time in Ms. Starla's room with other developmentally delayed, three-year old children each week, in addition to physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Lottie has made great strides in the few short weeks that she has gone to Whitehall, even meeting some goals already. She loves school and expresses delight when we tell her it is time to get ready for school. We love the faculty that meets and cares for Lottie while she is at school. We get daily updates in her backpack each day, of the progress she is making and the new things she is learning and achieving. We are so proud of our daughter and the bravery she has shown in being away from us for an entire school day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. We really had no way of telling how she would react to such a public place without any parent or sibling. I did worry the entire first day, but she loved it!! I do think it helps that they serve her meals at school and breakfast is always waiting for her when she arrives. That is the way to Lottie's heart.

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