Sunday, September 11, 2016

LBL: 2016

 There is not much a campfire cannot fix. We love to camp. Yes, like the real deal, tent camping. Everything taste better cooked over a campfire. The kids love the "junk food" that is convenient camp food, like trail mix, Pop tarts, donuts. I love it too, but we still bring lots of fruit and real dinners. We love the crackling sounds of the fire, surrounded by good conversation where everyone is paying attention, and the jokes! Land Between the Lakes, at Piney Campground, has become our favorite place to camp. This specific trip, we chose to go the weekend following Labor Day weekend, a bit if a farewell to summer. It turned out to be the best idea. We had the entire beach are to ourselves. We got a site right in front of the beach area too. It was low key and quiet. We had the greatest end of summer we have ever had.  

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