Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mia turns 10!!!!!

This sweetheart is 10 years old! I think she just might choose dessert our as opposed to dinner out with the family every year to celebrate. She is as sweet as the sweets she craves. She has become so much more responsible this year, learning to cook and help care for the little ones around the house. Mia loves to take of leadership roles around here (And I try my best not to take advantage of that quality.) She is the fashionista, loving everything glitzy. Although she is tough as nails against her brothers. She commands attention at home, but shys away from attention in crowds. She is curious with her questions and is sure to word her requests carefully (as to get what she wants). She is going to go far. She is making us proud every step of the way.
We love you Mia-girl!!





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