Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to School

Here we are at the beginning of another school year at West Academy! It is hard to believe we have been at this thing for 7 years!!! We love the freedom of a relaxed atmosphere where its always quiet and disasters never happen...oh wait, my imagination is running away with me. We do love the freedom (to school in our pjs all day if we want), we do love the atmosphere when we are all together (we're quite a spicy combination of personalities), and we love learning. These kids are bright, determined, funny and no more awkward than the average awkward kid. They impress me daily and I do not tell them enough. We are looking forward to what this new year will bring!
Our curriculum is basically the same as it has been for a while.
  • We still use Math U See for math. Beta, Gamma, Zeta and Pre Algebra this year.
  • We are on our second round of Story of the World Book 2: Middle Ages
  • We are still using Apologia for Science. This year we are studying Astronomy, except for Eli. He has moved on to middle school, introductory Chemistry and Physics.
  • We also have a Christian worldview curriculum through Apologia as well. We are on our 3rd volume in the series, Who Is My Neighbor?
  • We are using lots of different curriculum for Language Mechanics and Phonics, including Abeka for 1st grade, First Language Lessons for 2nd, Analytical Grammar Jr, and Analytical Grammar.
  • Handwriting for 1st (Abeka) and 2nd (rod and Staff)
  • Spelling is Natural Speller for all grades. I have FINALLY found a Spelling curriculum that satisfies me.
  • We will also be reading a lot of classic books, writing reports and doing projects. We will also do Art with Artistic Pursuits. 

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