Saturday, May 24, 2014

Missing in Action

Oh blog, oh blog where have you been? Do you like how I deflected that accountability onto my blog itself? Old habits die hard. Well the blame for the absence of activity really cannot go much farther than the author herself; me. I survived an amazingly crazy, hectic, busy, whirlwind called April. And, just when I think "Ahhhh, time to relax." There is not much time to relax or play catch up. So here is where I am...I have been keeping track of this little "olive" that continues to grow bigger and bigger as I incubate him/her. Those posts will come. We finished up school....YAY!!!! Well, when I say finished, I mean we are finished with most things, but we still have some loose ends to tie up if I want to COMPLETELY be finished. And, this type A, desperately wants to be absolutely done. I cannot breathe otherwise. I am moving much slower these you can tell from the lack of posts on here. Big Mama needs rest. We have finished another soccer season, are about to conclude another ballet year this week with recital, and have started a softball season. This go round, Eva gets to be star! She is coming out of her shell, which is what we desperately hoped would be the result of her own activity. We have a little chatterbox in the family now (Shy). She surprises us daily with new words and sentence combinations.Tonight will conclude another AWANA year at our church. Although, I do know a certain Commander that will be hanging up her yellow shirt after tonight. I just have to eliminate some things from our schedule. The bigger our family grows, the more important our time together becomes. Seems when one thing ends, another begins. But, I like new beginnings. I guess that is a good thing since we will be kicking off a new VBS year Sunday night. I just might personally know the two Game Time leaders...yes, yes, glutton for punishment or Martha personality, whatever you call it, I have a hard time taking a backseat! I am a terrible backseat driver, just ask my husband! Can I survive 5 nights in game time, pregnant? I think I have before, actually. So, have I caught you up to speed, adequately? No, not really? There are more in-depth posts to come. I just wanted to let you know I am still alive and kicking! With all of this painting, who can spare a second? Wait, painting? did I mention that? :-) More to come on that later.....

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