Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

We celebrated Memorial Day at Granny's with a bunch of family and a bunch of fish!!! We had a fish fry and much needed relaxing day spent with those we love. Boy was it nice!!! The desserts were too, but that is the pregnant woman talking. My aunt and cousins were in from Ohio and South Carolina with my sweet cousins, little Ella and Emily. My sister and my brother (in-law) and her beautiful brood of babes. My fish frying Uncle came in from Mississippi, and all the other local aunts and uncles. The kids (and there were a bunch) played freely on the 100+ acre farm and the adults got to catch up on life. There were eleven children total (unless you count the 2 on the way), between three families. A new generation (mine) of adults with their babies was such a blessing to see. There were many days that I thought I would never get to see a day like this one. What an appropriate opportunity to remember the men and women who gave their lives fighting for this kind of freedom; freedom to gather together as family, the freedom to own such a beautiful piece of land, the freedom to openly discuss scripture and God's abundant promises held within them and so many more. It was much needed and we were so thankful to have the time together.

Eleven grandbabies

 Ella, Eva and Shy

The current two youngest, Shy and Emily.

Shy in the rocker

First cousins (missed you Rae Marie!)

My sister and I

Me and my love!!! (barefoot and pregnant) :-)

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