Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bus #185

Each morning our girl gets ready for school, we wait on her big ride to stop and pick her up. Lottie has the privilege to ride the school bus to and from school each day. We are fortunate to have such a sweet, caring bus-lady that loves Lottie. She has been very patient with us as we learn the bus routines. This is our first go with the public school system and there is much to learn. Lottie also has an assistant that is assigned to her, making sure she gets buckled into her car seat each morning and each afternoon. She also helps assist us in getting her on and off of the bus since Lottie is little and still gaining leg strength. We are very fortunate to have this service. The kids love to gather round in anticipation each afternoon, of seeing big, yellow bus #185 coming down the road and welcoming Lottie home from her day at school. There are many buses that travel our street, but they know which one is hers. All of our kids are just a little jealous that they do not get to ride the bus each day too.  



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