Saturday, December 3, 2016

New Attic Space

 Just a little mess, compared to the messes that we have seen come through this house! Marcus took a couple of days and installed an attic drop-down, so that we have greater access to the attic. We have a nice, spacious attic, but the entry was just a tiny rectangle measuring no more than 1 foot by 2 feet. I have no idea how my husband squeezed himself through that hole, but he has done it. Now we can lay attic flooring and move the majority of things we have stored in various places, all into one common area. No more climbing over boxes to find things. No more tight squeezes. Hallelujah!
This is the only attic access point that we had. If you can use the stuffed animals and light fixture as something to compare the size, you can see that this opening could not meet our needs!
 The initial mess and the uninstalled drop-down stairs.
He got through the ceiling with only one casualty...the globe to the hallway light.

Finished product

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