Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Abe Graduates

 This guy!!!! Our Abie Doo graduated from Kindergarten. To say that we are proud of this young man, is such an understatement. Abe has overcome a lot and is still striving to achieve so many things. Abe has a different learning style than the first three of our school ages kids. He has grown me as a parent and a teacher in immeasurable ways. He is a very emotional child...or in our family, we like to say BIG FEELINGS. He has some very big feelings. The typical classroom setting does not prove as successful for Abe as other learning environments. He is a very kinesthetic learning. If he can move, he can learn. Abe's teacher taught in the public school system for many years before coming to Faith Homeschool Tutorial. I spoke with her on a number of occasions about how we could encourage Abe to be a successful student. I bet he grew her as a teacher as much as he did me. We are a very blessed family to have the privilege to homeschool our children. I know it has given Abe room to grow and discover as a child to love learning. Congratulations, Abe!

Abe and his teacher, Mrs. Leigh, and the director of the tutorial program, Mrs. Ramona

Abe and his buddy, Micah.

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