Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lottie's Turns 3

Birthdays are a production and a spectacle, neither of which Lottie enjoys. We celebrated her first birthday home, with a simple party with cake and gifts. Lottie is three years old and we are so glad that we get all the rest of her birthdays to celebrate. We are thankful for her life and that the Lord has redeemed it. She has her whole life ahead of her now. What a tremendous blessing to be a part of all of it.
Lottie is still learning to eat and does not feed herself. We enjoyed feeding her the first bites of cake she has ever had. She did enjoy it and she was very curious about her cake. She touched it with her hands and even her mouth (which she does often to sense the textures of many things), wiping the icing into her cheek. Next year we anticipate her having a big time with her cake.
She was not sure about the gifts. She did not seem to understand that there were toys inside the bags. She did like the noise the tissue paper made. When she realized that there were things inside, she was again, very curious. She enjoyed playing with her things once all was said and done. We are so thankful she is now home with us and we can celebrate her life everyday!



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