Saturday, January 9, 2016

Word for 2016

I had been praying for my word for 2016. God placed such a significant word on my heart for 2015. So many events kept bringing my heart confirmation, that indeed, 2015 was a year of embracing many things. As 2015 was drawing to a close, I was weary and my soul was dry. The adoption process had depleted my energy, not to mention the hellish attacks Satan had placed on my family. We even received some surprises in 2015 that took a little more metal preparation than usual. I prayed for wisdom. "What, God, is it that You would have me focus on in 2016. What is the remedy for the staleness I am experiencing in my life?" That was exactly it. Life felt stale, dry and barren of joy. I did not understand why. We should have been having the time of our lives. Then He placed the word intentional on my heart. I got it loud and clear. Our large family life is busy, by our own doings. Our life is not that hard, but only as hard as we make it. God has been dealing with me concerning time. Time is the most precious commodity that we have. We cannot make it, we cannot buy it. It cannot be stored or saved. It is freely given, the same amount to each individual and we can only spend it. God ministered to my parched heart and assured me that His yoke was easy and His burden was light. (Matt. 11:30) Only I was to blame for me weak and weary state. I still fight the arduous battle of balance in my life. I have said it before, but I am a doer. I love to be busy....kind of. I crave order. I crave meaning and purpose. In that respect, I am no different than anyone else. In 2016, I will be more intentional with my time and with my YES. I will be more intentional with my choices and the benefits or consequences of those. I will be more intentional with how and where my time is spent. I will be a more intentional mother, not merely going though the motions. And, how fitting! Just as our year was ending, I was taught a very large lesson in gratefulness. Creating memories that are meaningful will be a priority. Also intentionality with words. All too often, my words are not those that lift up and encourage. I speak before I have given full thought to what I might say. Words have power. I will be a more intentional wife. I will seek opportunities to grow my marriage and to serve my husband in love more often. I will seek the Lord. I will seek the heart of God. I will guard my time with Him. 2016 shall be a year of thought and purpose.

2016: Intentional

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