Saturday, December 5, 2015

Fundraiser: Piecing Together A Family

We have one last fundraiser that we are a part of, in hopes that we can raise all of the funds to cover our travel expenses. We will be traveling in January....THAT'S JUST WEEKS AWAY!!!! Here is the latest way that you can be a part of the quest to bring our daughter home. There is a Facebook page that will serve as the hub of this endeavor. You can reach it through this link 

 If you are willing and would like to help here is how:

"The West family have mere weeks to finalize travel to China to bring their 2 year old daughter, Lottie-Qi home!! With the help of family, friends, fundraisers and two generous grants from private foundations, they are a bit over $9,000 away from completing their adoption!!! They started their adoption journey in 2013 with a puzzle fundraiser. Let's help them finish this in the exact manner that they started. They currently have a 252 piece puzzle about half way completed with donations. There are 135 remaining pieces that need sponsors....starting from $1 all the way to $135. 



Help us piece together this family! Help us complete their puzzle! There are two ways you can donate. 

1) You can choose to donate through their Crowd Rise fundraising site
All donations are tax deductible and the transitions are easy and secure, but there is a 3% charge deducted from each donation. 

2) You can also donate through their private PayPal account by sending money via the Friends and Family option at This method assures your complete donation goes toward the cause, but unfortunately the donation is not tax deductible. 

You get to choose your donation amount with the number of the puzzle piece you sponsor! Piece #16 is $16, piece #49 is $49, piece #122 is $122 and so on. This page will be updated daily with a photo of the progress made toward the completion of the puzzle. EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE WILL BE ADDED TO THE PUZZLE WITH THE DONORS NAME ON THE BACK!!! The puzzle will hang in Lottie-Qi's nursery to show her all of the support and love that brought her to her family!!! We ask for your support!! We ask that you pray that God would work mightily through this fundraiser. WE ASK THAT YOU PLEASE SHARE THIS ON FACEBOOK WITH EVERYONE!!! We want to reach as many people as possible that will help this family. Ready, set, GO!!!!!

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