Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eva Graduates

 Eva graduated kindergarten!!!!! I would have never dreamed how much this girl would have grown in this year! Eva has been our quiet, reserved, not-a-fan-of-an-audience-by-any-means child. This is the kids who stared like a deer in headlights when it was time to perform hand-bells with the children's choir. She would not even reach down to pick up her bells. So when she came home with her speaking part for graduation, mt heart skipped a beat...for her. She rocked it like a boss! Eva has worked so hard at reading and has become quite proficient! She loved art and to explore science and history. She really enjoyed her classmates and Ms. Claire too!
 Our girl sitting with her class
 Her hat begins to slide off during her speaking part!
 She just grabbed it and kept going!!!

 The whole family
 The graduate and her proud parents
 Eva and her BFF Ava
 Showing off her projects....Eric Carle
 Community Helpers
 Presidential Report: Woodrow Wilson
Researching other countries...She chose Peru and wore Noonday!!!

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