Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jude: 6 months

Jude is six months old! He has surpassed 20 lbs at this point. HE HAS TWO TEETH ALREADY! Did I know about these teeth, no I id not. Bad mom had no idea. Our pediatrician found them.We took the kids for physicals with our pediatrician to update our home study. She even asked if he had teeth. i told her no. In my defense, he is the only child to get teeth this early. He is sleeping sporadically each night. sometimes he wakes once, sometimes twice. Oh, how I took the days of sleeping through the night for granted. He exclusively nurses 7-8 times each day. Naps three times a day. He is sitting somewhat supported. He does really well, but get wobbly at times. Wood floors are not good for baby heads and baby chins, it seems. Still only takes the binkey at nap time. Loves his siblings. He is very curious and easily distracted. Laughs often. Precious!

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